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15-JUL-2016 | Not?­cia

- July 11, 2016, 5:20 AM

Brazil’s Embraer has a major presence at this year’s Farnborough Airshow with new products from each of its three divisions–defense, commercial and executive aviation. It is the international airshow debut for the KC390, a multipurpose airlifter, while the 190E2 regional jet and Legacy 500 are both making their Farnborough debuts. The manufacturer also has a new stand-alone chalet area at the show, away from the main chalet lines.

The 190E2 that is here at the show is the first E2 prototype, which flew for the first time in late May and is now progressing with flight testing. It has now flown 50-60 hours. The E2 is powered by Pratt & Whitney PW1900 geared turbofans rather than the GE CF34s that power the E1, and has a breadth of other improvements including revamped wings that are unique for each variant, the 190E2, 195E2 and 175E2.

This year’s Farnborough is significant for Embraer for another reason. Former CEO Frederic Curado has just retired, and Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva took the reins on July 1. John Slattery, who has now taken over Silva’s previous position as CEO of Embraer’s Commercial Aviation division, told AIN last week, “I have taken the reins from Paulo Cesar e Silva who is now our group CEO. I was Paulo’s copilot for the past five and a half years. So we have continuity–I think our customers appreciate this. My vision for where commercial aviation is going won’t be fundamentally different from the path we’re already on.”

He added, “For the past six or so years he had created a robust organizational structure that works very well. We have three priorities: first is to maintain our momentum on sales for both the E1 and E2, the second is to deliver the E2 on schedule, and our third priority is to maintain our reputation for customer support–we call it customer care.”

Slattery said, “The guidance we’re giving now [for E2 entry into service] is the first half of 2018–and as we go through 2017, it’ll be up to Luis [Carlos Affonso, COO Commercial Aviation] if he wants to revise the guidance.”

Saulo Passos, global head of marketing and communications for Embraer, said Embraer’s pavilion at the show is some 600 square meters and connected to its static area, which is three times the size of previous shows. “So we’re going to have the theory and practice at the same time, and the full line of products will be there for people to see [including over the public weekend].”

He continued, “The KC390 will be there but we are not anticipating a flight for it. It will be very first show globally for that. Also the [A-29] Super Tucano will be there for the first time as well,” he said. The media were able to see this aircraft at Embraer’s OGMA subsidiary near Lisbon last month, where it was on a stop-over en route to the show from Brazil. Embraer also maintains Hercules transport aircraft, performs F-16 upgrades and has a growing support business for the E-Jets at the OGMA facility.

“We’ll also be showing radars and ATC systems, and the Legacy 500 is making its show debut too,” said Passos. “And we will have an E2 cabin mockup inside our pavilion too.

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