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Finetornos serves industrial and multinational clients with innovative and competitive profiles. Our growth is supported by technology, machinery, and specialized and trained personnel, and we stand out as a company that evolves its concepts and characteristics in synchronicity with the market and clients, in a number of different segments.

We have a vast experience in the aeronautical sector, developing and manufacturing machined, productive, structural and mechanical parts for different types of aircrafts.

For the automotive sector, Finetornos develops and manufactures machined parts and components for engines, transmission, suspension, steering and braking system and body.

In the energy area we develop and manufacture components in stainless steel alloys for high temperatures and hardmetal alloys, such as titanium, Inconel and Steelite among others.

In the medical segment we develop and manufacture orthopedic parts and components in titanium alloys and surgical stainless steel.

In the oil and gas area, Finetornos develops and manufactures components in steel alloys, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex steel and hardmetal alloys.

We develop and manufacture parts and components for airplanes, radars, border surveillance systems, air traffic control, satellites and multipurpose vehicles.

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R. Francisco Alves de Almeida, 50 - Parque Industrial, Campinas - SP, 13031-650

+55 (19) 3272.2366


Francisco Alves de Almeida, 50 | Pq. Industrial | Campinas/SP | 13031-650

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